“Pain is the best teacher. But nobody wants to be his student.”

Rahul Kuntala’s Bucket List

A bucket list is simply a list of all the goals you want to achieve and things you want to experience at least once in life.

Here’s my bucket list (updated 12th April, 2018)

  1. Start a digital media firm (Launched: 17th Mar 2018), here’s the link
  2. Get tattooed (11th April, 2018. Tattoo is: “Dad, you are my hero”)
  3. Solo car trip to Goa and discover uncovered places (1st April, 2018 to 7th April, visited Vagator, Chapora fort, Parasailing, Anjuna beach, Anjuna flea market, Mandrem beach, Beach huts stay, Agonda beach, Palolem beach)
  4. Visit a haunted place
  5. Do solo parasailing (3rd April, 2018 on Vagator beach, Goa)
  6. Do kayaking (16th December, 2017 at Vikarabad)
  7. Earn 3 lakhs per month (on my way)
  8. Drive as long as you can in 1 day (drove 18 out of 24 hours in a day while returning from Goa to Hyderabad, with just 1 hour break. On: 6th April 2018, covered ~750 kms)
  9. Read 5 books within a month (cover to cover)
  10. Buy an iPhone (Bought iPhone 6s plus: 13th June 2017)
  11. Go camping with friends (mostly hill stations or forest areas)
  12. Reach out to at least 10 lakh people with your work (the count is close to 7,00,000 people on Quora and millions of people through websites)
  13. Buy a flat (on my way)
  14. Buy a car (Bought Ford EcoSport Titanium: 20th May 2017)
  15. One day water fast (only water for the entire day)
  16. Become an author
  17. Learn to solve Rubik’s cube
  18. Speak at TEDx event
  19. Visit all south Indian states (haven’t been to Kerala and Tamil Nadu yet)
  20. Unplug for 1 day (no Internet, no phone, no messages)
  21. Buy a DSLR (Bought Sony Alpha 6000: 3rd July 2017)
  22. Do a roller coaster ride (7th March, 2018 at Wander la Hyderabad)
  23. Relaunch Learn Blog Tips (my first professional blog)
  24. Visit Vizag and Araku by car
  25. Buy a Royal Enfield (Bought Classic 350: 19th May 2015)
  26. Take an international trip (Thailand)
  27. Become your own boss
  28. Get a MacBook Air (26th Jan 2017)
  29. Family trip (multiple times)
  30. Ride a horse
  31. Start using Nokia 1100 basic phone
  32. Get featured on Forbes
  33. Learn to cook