“Pain is the best teacher. But nobody wants to be his student.”

Cold showers: the quickest way to overcome fear

Are you afraid of someone or something? Are you procrastinating on something REALLY important? Are you scared of doing things that you really wanted to do? Do you know what's holding you back? FEAR. It's just a 4 letter word that makes … [Continue reading]

Imagine that you’ve been arrested for 5 years

Imagine for a second that you've been sentenced for 5+ years in prison. Being jailed for 5 years means, you won't have access to: phone friends smoking/drinking air conditioner, TV watching your favourite movies or eating ice … [Continue reading]

My new daily routine

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Charles Darwin, Aristotle. Did you know what's the ONE thing that's common in all of them? Deep work. Deep work is the reason why they are innovative and highly successful. What is deep … [Continue reading]

Have we become addicted to smartphones?

Smartphones, tablets, selfie sticks. It's a TRAP! Smartphones became islands. The modern life of kids. Have we become addicted to technology? … [Continue reading]


Hardly 65 years of life. You are on your own after 20th. You are left with 45 years. You would not want to work after 60th. You’ve got 40 working years. Every working year is 2.5% of your life. Every year you spend doing what you … [Continue reading]

What are 20 harsh life lessons YOU should learn in your 20’s?

This is one of my popular answers on Quora. This one fetched me over 100 comments, 7500+ upvotes (upvotes on Quora are like Facebook likes, just in case if you are not aware of Quora yet) and 1,50,000+ people read it within a month. Am I bragging? … [Continue reading]

What are the top 10 things YOU should experience in life?

ten things to experience in life

Visit the hospital where you were born at. Touch that bench where you used to sit while schooling. Take out some money from your wallet and drop it in a public space (market, library, park, playground...). I still remember the day as a kid when … [Continue reading]