“Pain is the best teacher. But nobody wants to be his student.”

Do these 4 things after 6 AM and your life will never be the same

Believe me when I say “How you spend your morning determines your success in life”.

How you spend your morning determines who you’ll become.

How you spend your morning is the difference between earning 30,000 rupees a month to earning 5 lakhs per month.

Morning hours are golden.

Many of my successful entrepreneur friends finish 80% of their tasks before 8 am.

If you’re someone who is looking to succeed I life, I’ve a quick tip for you: get up early.

I getup before 5 am every single day and here are few things that helped me increase my income by 4 times within a year (yea, exactly 4x within 12 months, that’s not bad!). I hope it will be helpful for you too.

#1. The Ivy Lee method

I always plan my day the night before. I prioritise my tasks by using a productivity technique called “The Ive Lee”.

Here’s how it works.

At the end of each work day, write down the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow. Do not write down 
more than six tasks.

#2. Write 10 ideas a day

I love training my brain early in the morning. I write 10 ideas every single day. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve been doing it for over 4 years now.

Here’s how my idea journal looks like (I know my handwriting sucks but I don’t give a fuck!).

rahul kuntala idea journal

Stop staring at my bad handwriting, look at the ideas 😉

Why should you write 10 ideas a day?

  • it helps you train your brain well (if your brain is trained well, you’ll find solutions to almost every problem in life)
  • it helps you become more creative
  • it gives you a ton of ideas on how to make more money (just imagine writing 10 ideas a day for 1 year and you’ll have over 3000 ideas to make more money, improve your lifestyle or whatever you want in life)

#3. Write 3 things you’re grateful for each day

So what are you grateful for today?

If you’re not happy here and now, you’ll never be happy.

Make a list of things you’re grateful for each day. Write just 3 things you’re grateful for or cherish. This one practice can improve your inner peace by 10 times.

#4. Read every single day

If there’s only one thing I’m really grateful for today and forever it is my love for reading books. I read like a maniac.

You don’t have to read 2 hours straight. Just read 1 page a day until it becomes a habit. Then, read 2 more pages the next month and so on. Start small. Be consistent. That’s the key.

That being said, here are few benefits of reading daily:

  • reading stimulates your imagination
  • gives you a ton of ideas to think about
  • reduces stress
  • it makes you smarter (enough said!)

Rahul Kuntala, Digital marketing strategist and founder at Awarka digital media