“Pain is the best teacher. But nobody wants to be his student.”

Life is simple, people are complicated

I’ve a simple question for you: what’s the value of 4 + 5 = ?

Obviously, the answer is 9

Now.. tell me the value of the expression below:

0.5 { ln (e^(4))} +ln (e^(5))+e^(0 )+log (1)

The answer is the same 9.

We got the same result in the above 2 cases.

The first approach is simple and straightforward. But the second one is NOT.

If all of us are given an option to choose one of the above two options, almost everyone of us will pick the first one.

The same concept applies for our lives too. 

We’ve 2 ways to lead our lives.

  • The simple way
  • The complicated way

The funny thing with humans is that we often pick the 2nd option which makes our lives complicated.

If life is easy.. then why do we make it complicated?

We live in illusions.

That’s why fairness creams sell out like hot cakes (Fact: Fairness creams don’t whiten your skin tone. In fact, they are harmful for skin as most of the ingredients contain Mercury, Methyl Paraben etc which are toxic for skin).

Here are few ways we make our lives complicated. Avoid them and your life becomes simpler.

  • Avoid toxic people: If someone complains about everything and appreciates nothing – avoid them. Stay away from them. Bad relationships and toxic people are harmful for your mental health.
  • Stop trying to do too many things: Let me tell you a secret: if you want to succeed in life, pick just ONE thing at a time. Don’t overcommit to yourself. Don’t put too many goals. Pick one, work on it until you succeed. Then, move on to the next.
  • Stop giving a fuck about what others think about you: We often seek validation from other people. They are not going to pay your bills or rent, then why give a flying fuck about what they think?
  • Comparing yourself to others: Why do you compare yourself to someone? I think it has more to do with our parents –  since schooling, they compare you with other kids in marks, sports, height, weight and what not?
  • We procrastinate: Enough said!

Rahul Kuntala, Digital marketing strategist and founder at Awarka digital media

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