“Pain is the best teacher. But nobody wants to be his student.”

Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?

If the entire world is condensed to a globe of just 100 people, considering the present statistics, there would be 52 women and 48 men; 80 live in poverty, 70 illiterate, 50 suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

“Six people” hold 59% of the entire wealth. Only one person out of hundred would own a computer and only one would hold a university degree.

If you wake up in good health next morning, you are luckier than one million people, who won’t live through the week. If you have never experienced the horror of a war, the solitude of a prison, the pain of a torture, and were not close to death due to starvation; then you are better than 500 million people.

If you can go to your place of worship in your country, without fear that someone will assault or kill you, then you are luckier than 3 billion people. If you have clothes on your body, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are wealthier than 70% of the world’s population. If you have some money in a bank, a wallet or a purse and some coins in it, you are one of the 8 rich people out of 100 in the world.

If you can understand what I am saying, you are not one among the 3,000,000,000,000 people who cannot comprehend these facts. So, instead of cursing the society, exasperating with the economic system and infuriating with the people around you… think how best you can live here in this world and work happily for a better tomorrow.

Don’t think that money can be earned only through unethical means and corrupt practices.